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Borrego Sculputures Run


GATHER AT I-15 AND Hwy 76 Park and Ride

East on CA 76 to CA 79                                                                                                         36 miles

Probable gather up at Lake Henshaw Resort (32 miles)

North on CA 79 to S2/San Felipe Rd                                                                                     4.3 miles

East on S-2/San Felipe Rd to S22/Montezuma Valley Rd                                                     4.7 mles

East on S22/Montezuma Valley Rd to Christmas Circle, Borrego Springs                            18.7 miles

(probable gather up just north of Christmas Circle on Borrego Spring Rd)

 From Christmas Circle, I will head north on Borrego Springs Rd, visiting the sculptures there with several stops.  Feel free to head out on your own and visit the sculptures and flowers on your own schedule.  Stay in touch on the radios (FRS/GMRS Channel 7, subchannel 21).  

 After visiting the sculptures north of Christmas Circle, I will swing east on Henderson Canyon Rd to check out the flowers.

 After that, it will be back to the Christmas Circle area for a picnic lunch.  Plan A is to picnic in Christmas Circle, but the flower crowds may make that difficult.  Plan B is a parking lot behind the Jilbertos taco shop just west of Christmas Circle.  Plan C – advice wanted!

 After lunch, I will head south on Borrego Springs Road to visit the sculptures there, then home via S3 and CA78 towards Julian and points west.  If you wish to follow me, you are welcome!