Temecula Run

Temecula Run to meet MOALA

 June 2019 San Diego Minis Run to meet MOALA Ortega Highway Run

Panera Bread Auto Pkwy (corner of Valley Pkwy) Escondido

Walking out of Panera, we are going to drive to the right, past Starbucks

Out of parking lot, right on Auto Pkwy

0.2 miles        Right on Hale

0.9 miles        Left on Rock Springs Rd.

3.2 miles        At second roundabout, Right on Richland Rd.

0.5 miles        Continue on Rose Ranch Rd.

0.6 miles        Right on Mulberry Dr.

0.8 miles        Left on E. La Cienega Rd.

0.6 miles        Right on Twin Oaks Valley Rd. (no turn on red, can catch each other here)

0.7 miles        Left onto Buena Creek Rd.

2.7 miles        Right onto Monte Vista Dr.

0.6 miles        Right on Foothill Dr.

2.4 miles        Right to stay on Foothill Dr.

0.5 miles        Left to stay on Foothill Dr.

300 ft.             Right on Warmlands Ave. (turn left to stay on Warmlands at E Vista Grande)

2.3 miles        Right on E. Vista Way

1 mile             Right on Gopher Canyon Rd.

4.8 miles        Left on Champagne Blvd./ Old Hwy 395

0.2 miles        Right on Circle R Dr.

3.1 miles        Right on W Lilac Rd

1.8 miles        Left on Lilac Rd

2.0 miles        Left on Couser Canyon Rd. (sorry for smelly cows!)

4.9 miles        Left on 76 West (hoping traffic isn’t too bad on this one)

0.1 miles        Right on Rice Canyon Rd.

5.1 miles        Left on 8th St.

0.1 miles        Right on Cam Rainbow (funky little intersection here)

0.2 miles        Left on 5th St

Rainbow Oaks Market and Restaurant on left if we need/want to stop

Right onto Old Hwy 395

2.3 miles        Continue on Rainbow Canyon Rd. (pavement change only)

2.5 miles        Left on Pechanga Pkwy

0.2 miles        Left on Temecula Pkwy

0.9 miles        Right on Old Town Front St.

0.8 miles        Right on 2nd St.

459 ft.             Left on Mercedes St.

Old Town Parking Garage 28690 Mercedes St. Temecula (park together in garage)

Walk down 3rd St and across Old Town Front St., Pub is on the corner.

Old Town Pub & Grub 28677 Old Town Front St. Temecula 951.694.0040



Parking Garage Temecula

Get back to and go North on Old Town Front St.

0.4 miles        Left onto Rancho California Rd.

2.4 miles        Left on Avenida Del Oro (says road closure ahead – no worries!)

0.3 miles        Left on Sandia Creek Dr. (now starts the roller coaster!)

5.0 miles        Right on De Anza Rd. (this is start of detour due to road closure)

0.6 miles        Left on Tierra Rica Dr.

0.2 miles        Left on Buenos Campos Dr.

0.8 miles        Right on Sandia Creek Dr. (detour complete)

3.6 miles        Right to stay on Sandia Creek (20 mph, watch out for wild turkeys!)

1.3 miles        Left onto De Luz Rd. (beautiful creek on the right)

1.1 miles        Continue straight onto N Pico Ave

322 ft.             Right on W Mission Rd.

322 ft.             Left on N Mission Rd. (this comes quick but you have right of way)

6.6 miles        Right onto 76 West

12.2 miles      Turn onto the 5 freeway to get home!

Oceanside CA