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Egg, Bread, and Pie Run

Before the run begins reset your trip odometer to ZERO

Gather at the Starbucks on El Norte Parkway and Centre City in Escondido

Odometer settings will be given for each turn. Allow for odometer differences.

Approximate run time is 3 to 3.5 hours, with arrival at Wynola Pizza between Noon and 12:30.

 From the Starbucks parking lot (odometer 0.0) we will go West along the storefronts to reach the traffic light at El Norte Parkway.

0.3  Left (east) on El Norte Pkwy at the traffic light.            

3.3  Right on N. Citrus Ave                                                     

6.4  Left at ‘T’, San Pasqual Valley Rd

7.2  Right on Old San Pasqual Road

7.9  Old San Pasqual Rd goes left. (Do Not make a right on Summit Dr.)

8.6  Right on San Pasqual Road                                             

8.8  Left on Old Milky Way Rd                                            

10.7  Right on San Pasqual Valley Road (SR78)                     

12.9  Right on Bandy Canyon Road                                       

17.2  Left on Highland Valley Rd                                            

23.1  Left on Highland Valley Rd                                                 

24.2  Right on Highland Valley Rd                                         

26.4  Left Highway 67 (Traffic Light)                                   

30.2  Right on Third St.                                                          

32.2  Left on Old Julian Hwy                                              

38.2  Left on Highway 78                                                       

39.8  Arrive (on Left) Demler Egg Ranch, formerly  Pinehill ER.

We will spend 15 minutes or so here for you to  purchase eggs. There are no rest rooms, but at the next stop there is.                                    

From the Egg Ranch Parking Lot:                                    

Right on SR 78, yes, we are backtracking  a couple of miles.                                                       

 47.2  Arrive (on Left) Dudley’s Bakery and Julian Pie Company, restrooms! Yea!!

 Park anywhere, but we will leave from the dirt lot.

We will spend 20 to 30 minutes here (more, if needed) for you to make your purchases.

 From Dudley’s:

Left On Hwy 78, East towards Julian

50.5  Left on Wynola Rd

Even though Wynola Pizza is on the right, Please follow the group on the twisties of Wynola Road. We will be at lunch and restroom in a few minutes!

54.5  Right on Hwy 78                                                     

 Proceed through Downtown Julian in Parade fashion, waving to the tourists who will be ogling us.

56.8  Left on Hwy 78/79 This is the intersection at the far side of downtown Julian.

60.3  Left into Wynola Pizza parking lot.